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The PRO ACTIVE HEALTH CARE TEAM is a health and wellness clinic located at North York and Scarborough. Our clinic is designed to assist the fundamental causes of pain and injury of our patients. We offer complimentary healthcare and treat various pains like back pain, acute pain and chronic pain. Our goal is to eradicate or lessen your pain to experience healthier lifestyle and balancing body and life. All our practitioner are committed to provide comprehensive approach to help and restore

some or all of the patient's physical capabilities that were lost due to injury

We encourage anyone to whom we can provide the help and care that you need.

 Our services include:

         Physiotherapy                                       Chiropractic

         Medical Acupuncture                          Manual Osteopathy

         Custom made Orthotics                      Custom made Shoes

         Compression Stockings                       Orthopedic Supports and Braces

 Conditions treated:

        Sports Injuries                                         Motor Vehicle Accidents

        Back, Neck & Foot Pain                         Sciatica

        Headaches and Migraines                   Soft tissue injuries

        Tendonitis/Bursitis                                Sprains/Strains

        Muscle spasm                                        Carpal tunnel

        Arthritis                                                    Post Surgery

        Acute & chronic Pain                             Plantar fasciitis

 Dealing with:

          Private Insurances - Direct billing available

          MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident)

          WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board)

          ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program)

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       (North York and Scarborough Location)

  or email us at:  [email protected]